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The Effect of Treating Your Team to Office Catering in Toronto

As a business owner or employer, there are many tasks you must do as part of your role. From providing a safe workplace to promoting inclusivity, there are many things to consider when working to be a great employer. Besides leading, encouraging, and helping the team to the best of your abilities, there are always improvements to be made to enhance employee appreciation, morale, ethics,...
10 February 2023

Celebrate Fall in Style This Year with Event Catering

If you're like many, you can't get enough of this season with the leaves changing colour and the harvesting of fresh vegetables. The temperatures have started to cool down and you can see signs of pumpkins starting to emerge. If you're planning a celebration during the fall season, use professional event catering to bring the fresh food directly to your guests' tables.
19 October 2022

Why Kick Start Your Days with Office Breakfast Catering

Breakfast is the most important time of the day. It affects how you feel and how you move through your day. By the time people roll out of bed and make it to the office, most have skipped breakfast and jumped right into their work. In fact, about 25% of Canadians regularly miss their first meal of the day, and many skip subsequent meals too. Office breakfast catering in Toronto is a great way to...
16 October 2022

Have an Event in Toronto or GTA? Find out Why you Need a Caterer by your side!

When your event necessitates catering in Toronto or catering in GTA, there are a plethora of reasons why you should choose Big City Catering when hosting your next event. Thinking of tackling the job on your own to save some money? Taking care of food for large groups or even a small one can often be unclear and trying. Find out why you should choose Big City Catering Toronto for your next event...
13 October 2022

How Corporate Catering Can Help Your Business Succeed

Corporate catering has become extremely popular during the last decade and for good reason. It makes good financial sense to invest in catering services for the employees and for special events that are being held for clients. Corporate catering also gives a company environmental control for business meetings and gives employees extra quality time during the lunch hour.
15 August 2022

Unique Wedding Catering Ideas for 2022

Every wedding is different and you have the opportunity to do something unique to personalize your special day to make it your own. You don't need to plan a meal in the traditional style - you have options. Nowadays you can serve your food in any way you want without having to live up to other people’s expectations. There are unique wedding catering ideas that you can choose to make the food an...
16 July 2022

Amazing Corporate Catering on a Budget

If your business is working on a budget but still wants to provide corporate catering to your employees or clients, there are ways to stretch out the money you spend to keep the costs down. You'll still want to use high-quality catering services and won't want to compromise on flavour or quality. There are some simple hacks and options you can use to make catering more affordable, and we have...
20 June 2022

The Drawbacks and Pitfalls of DIY Food Catering for Events

If you have an event that's coming up in the near future you may be considering catering the event yourself. You have the choice of hiring a professional caterer or handling everything on your own. You may be considering the cost involved or may just feel that you like to cook and will be able to handle everything on your own. This may be fine if you're only having a few friends over but once you...
12 May 2022

Best Tips for Outdoor Catering for Family Gatherings

If you’re going to be hosting an outdoor event with family and friends in the GTA, Pickering or Ajax area, here are some tips you can use to make sure that everything goes according to plan. You’ll want to ensure that you host a flawless event that will be memorable for everyone that attends. Here are some of our best tips for outdoor catering for family gatherings that you can keep in mind...
11 May 2022

The Purpose of Catering Toronto

Organizing and planning an event can be a complicated and tedious job since there are a number of different aspects involved with it that need attention. One of the major components of an event is the food served so it's vital to find a catering Toronto company that you can trust with this important task. Why Is Catering so Important? Catering is a vital part of a gathering since the food you...
23 February 2022

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