Spring-Inspired Catering Ideas for Corporate Events in March

The change in weather and the onset of spring marks a change in the environment. If you’re planning a new initiative in March, whether it’s a company-wide conference or a small internal meeting in the near future, you can align your plans with the season, starting with your catering ideas. Working with leading catering services in Toronto you can put together a spring-inspired event, from menu items, colours, and decor for your next business event, meeting, or office lunch. Big City Catering is the leading service provider for corporate catering in Toronto, trust us for your next workplace event. 

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Fresh Toronto Catering Menu Options for Spring

Where the winter is more suited to menu items like pasta and soups, spring presents an ideal opportunity to serve lighter meals with fresher ingredients and brighter colours, showcasing seasonal ingredients and flavours.

  • Salads: Working with your catering company, consider putting together multi-course menus starting with fresh salads featuring tangy citrus or sweeter berries. You can also experiment with different dressings, such as a honey vinaigrettes or a citrusy lemon dressing, to add a zesty touch.
  • Appetizers: You can talk to your corporate catering company about also including appetizers that adhere to the theme. Lighter flavours with crisp, healthy ingredients such as radishes, cucumbers, or even carrots will lend itself to a beautiful menu and a memorable meal.
  • Entrees: Once you’ve determined what your starters will be, your focus will be on the main entrees. The most common base used by catering services in Toronto for mains are steak, chicken, or fish. But with a special touch of creativity, professional corporate catering in Toronto can enhance the dish, adding seasonal ingredients such as asparagus, lemon, artichokes, and other spring herbs for a burst of flavour. As you plan your spring event, working with notable catering services in Toronto, you can customize your menu to suit the individual needs of each attendee, catering to various allergies, food sensitivities, or dietary restrictions for an inclusive and enjoyable event.
  • Desserts: As the last course, dessert is often regarded as the most memorable, thus incredibly important when trying to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Like with the rest of the menu, spring-inspired desserts veer away from winter classics such as chocolate cake, ice cream, and other indulgent or decadent desserts.

Fruit-Infused Water and Refreshments

Food is often seen as the main event when hosting an organizational event or lunch, but beyond your typical corporate catering in Toronto, you can also incorporate creative seasonal drinks. In the theme of light and fresh spring foods, you can serve fruit-infused water and other fruit-flavoured drinks. If you’re operating outside of work hours, consider fruity cocktails such as mojitos and daiquiris, or opt for mocktails that deliver the flavour without any of the alcohol. 

Take Your Event to the Next Level

Once you’ve fine-tuned your spring-themed menu you can modify the decor in your venue to align with the theme. Adorn your food serving area and tables with fresh-cut flowers, seating cards, and food labels to maximize on the spring-related elements. 

The Best Catering Services in Toronto

Corporate catering in Toronto from a leading service provider that delivers premium meals and prompt services, you can streamline event preparation, delivering exceptional quality options for all your spring corporate event needs. Start planning your next event with the team at Big City Catering. 

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