Celebrate Fall in Style This Year with Event Catering

If you’re like many, you can’t get enough of this season with the leaves changing colour and the harvesting of fresh vegetables. The temperatures have started to cool down and you can see signs of pumpkins starting to emerge. If you’re planning a celebration during the fall season, use professional event catering to bring the fresh food directly to your guests’ tables.

Enjoy the perfect autumn feast with family, friends, co-workers and special guests by incorporating a fantastic menu with great decor. Here are some helpful menu suggestions and interesting decorations that you can add to provide a calming autumn presence to your event.

A Special Autumn Menu

At this time of the year, it’s all about pumpkins. Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin side dishes like pumpkin purée and more. They are all comfort foods that act as a reminder of the season and everything it represents. It’s time to get ready for winter and enjoy the beautiful sights surrounding us as nature itself gets prepared for the colder days ahead.

Roasted potatoes and roasted sweet potatoes are always a hit with the natural sweetness that brings out the flavour of the other dishes. They make a great addition to any autumn dish served at a fall event. Apple dishes such as apple pie or apple crisp are also warmly welcomed by guests and can be served with a lovely scoop of vanilla ice cream. You should ask your event catering company whether they can provide apple cider that can be served warm to keep all of your guests cozy and comfortable.

Make It Calm and Warm with Event Food Catering

Make your event as festive as possible by offering a wide variety of drinks and food with music, games and a mix of other entertainment. Enjoy the freshest flavours that the season has to offer by choosing dishes made with food that has been freshly harvested. Pair that with fall decorations and seasonal music and you’re sure to have a hit. Use event food catering when you’re hosting an event in autumn to make it memorable for everyone.

In general, the food served during the fall months are usually heavier than the lighter fare offered in the summer. You won’t see as much seafood but will find that heartier foods such as smoked pork and rotisserie chicken have become favourites. Think of earthy, powerful flavours that can be incorporated into dishes to build up that farm-to-plate spirit. Even the sauces are richer and deeper than their predecessors that were served just a couple of months earlier.

If you do decide to have an outdoor gathering with event food catering, keep the weather in mind. You’ll want to think of warming foods versus cold appetizers that are generally served during the hotter months. The temperature really starts to dip in the evenings so you may want to host an afternoon event.

Decorate Your Event in Style

Be sure to set your tables in a fall style with these amazing decorating ideas. Make a full display of the season by creating autumn table centrepieces and other fall-inspired decorations. Combine different types of fall flowers to put in vases on the tables and if you can, keep them all in the same type of colour family to create a look that is cohesive.

Use gourds as ornaments and use foliage to frame them. Create a basket with small gourds, berries, artichokes, feathers and straw for a warm arrangement that will be appreciated by all. For added variety look for an oval container and fill it up with potting soil. Plant different succulents in the centre of the container and add seasonal vegetables like fresh herbs, radishes and kale at the ends. Get a few tiny pumpkins to scatter around the outside of the container and on the tables. At this time of the year, it’s all about pumpkins and when you’re using seasonal event food catering you can get the most out of it by adding these extra decorations.

You can also use miniature pumpkins to create name tags that can be placed on the tables to let guests know where they will be sitting. Larger pumpkins can be used to hold flowers instead of glass vases. Floral foam can be placed at the bottom of the pumpkin to hold the arrangement in place. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to do anything fancy, even adding a few cut branches that are bursting to the brim with fall colours will add to the theme of the event.

Private Event Catering Toronto

No matter what kind of celebration you’re planning this fall, it’s important to provide refreshments to your guests to keep them happy. When you have a lot of coordination to do, you’ll be thankful that you used private event catering Toronto. There is a lot to do when it comes to planning any type of event and the same holds true for a seasonal one. You’ll want to be offering dishes that refresh and satisfy everyone. You’ll need to provide delicious food that satisfies even the pickiest eaters and your guests that have dietary restrictions.

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