Benefits of Working with an Outside Catering Service in Toronto

Creating an unforgettable experience for your guests at your events is vital to a successful event, meaning every aspect of the party planning process must be in order. This is where party catering plays an important role. With a lengthy to-do list from favours and centrepieces to guest lists and seating charts, leave the food to the professionals. At Big City Catering, we are a Toronto catering company that provides high-quality food and services for any event, from weddings to office parties and everything in between. 

Outsourcing a catering service, instead of working with the venue caterer, can be beneficial in ensuring the event goes smoothly. Learn about the different benefits below. 


When calling an outside catering company to do the job, you are provided with a more thorough and thought-out process. The main goal for these catering companies is to provide the utmost catering services. For Big City Catering, the team prides itself on delivering locally-sourced and quality food for the guests at your event and providing excellent service throughout. The staff values making each plate look presentable and aesthetically pleasing, as every detail matters. 
Outsourced caterers care about providing a lasting impression on anyone they serve, which is the main difference between a venue caterer and an outside caterer. 

Receive the Whole Package

Outside catering companies often provide the whole package regarding the experience. At Big City Catering, our services start with the planning process, all the way to the clean-up after the event. We are there to walk you through the whole way. Our menus are adjustable to accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions, so everyone can enjoy their meals. Depending on the venue, they may have you clean up yourself or pay an excessive amount for them to do it. External Toronto catering services will work closely with you, so you aren’t surprised by any unexpected fees.

Flexibility and Accommodation

Often, venue caterers have a limited number of options when it comes to menus, leaving you with very generic options to serve your guests. When outsourcing catering companies like Big City Catering, we work closely with our clients to ensure everything runs smoothly on the event day. Adjustments can easily be made to our menus to make them kosher, halal, vegetarian, vegan, nut-free, and more. Leave the party catering to us to relieve you of the hassle of focusing on more important details. 

Customizing and adjusting the small details can create a more personalized experience and less a structured catering experience for your guests. Our team of experienced party, event, and office caterers in Toronto will carefully adhere to all your guidelines including themes and serving requirements. Contact Big City Catering to explore our catering menus and service options.

Serve Unforgettable Catering with Big City Catering

With over 20 years of experience in and around Toronto, Big City Catering has created unforgettable experiences through catering services. Our staff are well-trained and strive for absolute excellence and customer satisfaction. We want to give everyone experiencing our services the best time with us, allowing adjustments to be made to our menus to fit your dietary needs as best as possible. Contact us at Big City Catering for more information or for your next event. 

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