Guide for Organizing a Successful Team Lunch with Office Catering

When lunch approaches, and the pangs of hunger start to hit you, you can feel the lack of focus starting – chances are your employees are feeling the same way!

What better way to satisfy your hunger, give in to your cravings, and be the hero of the office, than to schedule your office catering in Toronto with Big City Catering. Let us bring a delicious catered lunch to you. Our office catering services in Toronto offer many benefits to workplaces across the city, boosting team and individual morale, enabling team bonding, increasing productivity, and more!

From the power of the brisket pulled pork and ribs to deluxe lunch sandwich platters, Big City Catering provides delicious meals and prompt service with daily office catering so you can deliver a successful corporate luncheon, dinner, or special event.

Choose a Catering Service in Toronto

For meals to be successful, you’ll want to choose a catering company in Toronto with an exceptional reputation and services that align with your needs. As one of the premier catering companies in Toronto, we do everything from helping with menu planning to considering aspects such as dietary preferences or restrictions while ensuring a nutritious and, most importantly, delicious meal for everyone. Keeping your budget in mind while providing you with a well-rounded menu is always top of mind. Catering services in Toronto, such as ours, understand the importance of both prompt and logical timing and the appropriate venue or location within your venue. With the option of both drop-off and buffet for daily office catering, logistics can be left entirely to us so that you can enjoy the meal and time with your team!

Planning a Successful Team Lunch

Organizing a team lunch with a catering service requires careful planning and communication. Start by determining the budget, selecting a catering service that meets your needs, and communicating any dietary restrictions. Work with the catering service to plan a menu and choose a convenient location. Set a date and time that works for everyone, and provide clear communication to your team. Coordinate with the catering service to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of the event. Encourage your team to relax and enjoy the food, company, and atmosphere during the team lunch.

Choosing a Menu

We work with you not only on deciding what specific food options you will have but also on what kind of meal to have, depending on your function. We make any event extra special, from school functions where a nutritious and balanced meal may be the goal to weddings where extravagance and unique presentation is essential, or maybe it’s a Superbowl party focusing on finger foods such as ribs and wings. No matter the size, corporate picnics tend to focus on a more varied and expansive menu with everything from salads and sandwiches to delectable hot bowls and more.

Venue Selection

From Spring to Fall, our most popular set-up is to cater your event at your own outdoor spaces, from parking lots to backyards – they all work great! In winter, indoor onsite spaces are popular, as are heated portable outdoor setups. We can also cater your event offsite if you have rented a room where outside catering is an option. Non-corporate events are taking off these days as people have less and less time to cook for parties – we do cocktail and dinner parties in your office or the venue of your choice.

Why Choose Big City Catering for Office Catering in Toronto

When it comes to office catering in Toronto, we here at Big City Catering will be your number one choice simply because we use nothing but the finest quality meats, freshest ingredients, and skilled, trained staff that have proven time after time we bring the party in “The Big Smoke.” Our attention to detail, superb presentation and taste make the difference.

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