How Corporate Catering Can Help Your Business Succeed

Corporate catering has become extremely popular during the last decade and for good reason. It makes good financial sense to invest in catering services for the employees and for special events that are being held for clients. Corporate catering also gives a company environmental control for business meetings and gives employees extra quality time during the lunch hour.

Corporate Lunch Catering Services for Clients

When you offer a catered lunch to your clients you’ll be able to take advantage of having them arrive at your place of business. It’s similar to hosting a sporting event in your own city since it provides home-court advantage. When you take out a client for lunch to discuss business matters you’ll be at the mercy of the environment and may have to deal with long wait times, big crowds and other distractions that could affect your discussions. It’s much better to host your own business lunch at your office to keep environmental distractions at a minimum.

You’ll also be able to set the tone of the meeting by ordering the food that would best fit your intentions for holding the meeting in the first place. There is a wide variety of options to choose from and different ways for the food to be served. Choose a higher-end catering package for clients that could potentially turn into long-term customers and choose lower-end packages for discussions with a more informal tone to them.

Corporate Lunch Catering for Employees

When you want to attract great employees and retain the ones you already have, it’s important to establish a workday balance. Studies have shown that productivity goes up when there are more in-person interactions between workers and this can be established by offering corporate lunch catering services to your employees.

A lot of your staff may be taking time from their lunch break to head out to grab something to eat on the run. This is valuable time that could be better spent interacting with other workers in the same space. When you offer a corporate lunch that is enticing, you can be sure that the vast majority of employees will stick around the office to enjoy the free food and to mingle with other coworkers.

A food program for corporate offices offers the benefit of convenience so that employees can remain focused on their tasks at hand without having to think about what they will be getting for lunch. Corporate lunch catering services also increase productivity and positivity within the office, which ultimately leads to a higher level of success for the overall business.

Corporate Catering Makes Good Financial Sense

Many businesses are now offering corporate catering lunches to employees since the service offers a number of retention and recruiting benefits. One survey showed that 67% of the workers being offered free food from their companies were either extremely happy or very happy with their jobs. When you are able to retain employees for longer amounts of time it saves a substantial amount of money in training costs. When you work it out, the cost to replace an employee is approximately 50% to 60% of a worker’s annual salary.

Corporate lunch catering services are the best way to provide both short-term and long-term satisfaction for your employees. When you consider all of the benefits involved, it really is a small investment to make in your company.

How to Find the Best Corporate Caterers Toronto

If your company is located in the GTA, you’ll want to find the best corporate caterers Toronto for your staff lunch catering or for any events that you may be hosting. When choosing the service you must consider the type of event, your budget, how many people will be attending and the atmosphere of the event or the lunch. This will help you find the best caterer that can meet all of your needs.

Look for caterers that have already established a reputation in the field and have great reviews on the Internet. Reviews left by companies or individuals that have used these services speak volumes. It’s easy for any catering company to say that they are the best on their websites but you’ll know for sure that the Toronto catering company you choose for your corporate event will deliver quality food and exceptional service when you read through the reviews. Find out what others are saying about the company before going ahead and placing an order.

Discover What the Corporate Caterers Are Offering

Find out what the caterers are offering in terms of food choices and services. Think back to any other events that you have attended or hosted and list out what you didn’t like and what you did like. If you’re going to be hosting a corporate event this is very important because you’ll want the event to run smoothly. After all, this is how you are going to be showcasing your company. If you are going to be ordering food for your employees, you’ll want them to be satisfied and happy with your choices. Make a great impression on whoever you will be serving by choosing the best corporate caterers Toronto right from the start.

Also, consider the temperature of the food when making your selection. Find out how the caterer plans on keeping the food as hot or cold as necessary. You’ll want all the food to be served as fresh as possible and at the right temperature. Cold soup served to guests will show that you really don’t care about making the best impression possible. Soup should be hot, ice cream frozen and you should never settle for anything less.

Seasonal Food

Find out whether the catering company provides seasonal food since you’ll know for sure that it’s extremely fresh when served in season. As well, seasonal fruits and vegetables are budget-friendly since they are a cheaper option compared to the food that is out of season and being shipped in from another country. Ask whether the caterer has formed any relationships with food suppliers in the local area. This is a great way to establish a community bond and you can let your visitors or employees know that you are sourcing food locally. This is an important public relations point that shows you care about the community where your business is located.

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