Your Guide to Wedding Day Catering Toronto

When you are preparing to host a wedding day celebration, it is imperative that everything goes perfectly. Brides and grooms always want to treat their loved ones to a beautiful occasion to celebrate their special day. The couple try to select the right venue, DJ and, of course, the best catering services in Toronto. Often, if many guests are travelling in for the big day, the bride and groom can go above and beyond with high-quality breakfast catering in Toronto , drop-off lunches, and special event menus to host their guests to a phenomenal culinary experience to celebrate their wedding with them. Big City Catering is an exceptional caterer in Toronto, providing premium meals at cost-effective rates. 

Keep reading for your guide to wedding day catering.

The Best Wedding Appetizers & Hors D’oeuvres 

Wedding appetizers are a feast for the eyes and appetite. You can offer your guests a wonderful array of canapes or hot and cold hors d’oeuvres provided before the meal which are generally beautifully presented. Catering services in Toronto are apt at creating little decorative pieces of edible art when they prepare canapes for formal events. 

Aside from the canapes, people often showcase a mini buffet with cocktails that can be offered as passed appetizers. Passed appetizers, also known as butler-style, are when servers come around serving small hors d’oeuvres on trays while guests mingle. 

Weddings also offer food stations during cocktail hour, so guests walk to different sections of the room and sample scrumptious foods. Each food station will have its own theme, like a taco station or pizza station and will usually be serviced by an attendant. 

Wedding Main Course Options

The options are endless for wedding receptions, not just food options but how you want the food served and presented. For instance, some weddings offer a few food stations with a main buffet or plated style where guests remain at their seats and are served all of the courses for the dinner. 

Common main entrees for the meal are a choice of beef, chicken, fish or a vegetarian option. You can serve a variety of international-themed cuisines or keep the main meal simple yet absolutely delicious. 

You can have some fun and build your menu with your caterer, so you will have the option to serve traditional cultural dishes, favourite appetizers and delectable mains. Feel free to showcase a bit of your own personality in the wedding menu. 

You can embrace some creativity with desserts, and remember, most wedding dinners offer a dessert in addition to serving the wedding cake. 

Breakfast Catering in Toronto for Your Wedding

Often as a treat and thank you to the guests who have travelled in for your wedding, you may want to host a meal at your home, a park or a venue of your choice with breakfast catering in Toronto. You can offer a delicious and nutritious breakfast buffet with unique options to send your guests off. 

Big City Catering for Wedding Day Catering

Big City Catering has been a leader in the catering industry in Toronto for over 20 years. We will ensure everything regarding your wedding day food goes off without a hitch. We can accommodate numerous food requirements and prepare a vast array of foods to perfection. To learn more about wedding day catering services, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. 

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