Why Cater Your Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are a pivotal event. Occurring just once a year, AGMs are where important stakeholders, executives, and employees congregate to review past accomplishments, align goals for the future, and hear concerns that support critical decision making. As such, AGMs are an important occasion for businesses and even condo corporations, but many organizations struggle to get the attendance they need or even retain the attention of attendees. With caterers in Toronto that offer a wide variety of options like Big City Catering, you can enhance your AGM experience with lunch and breakfast catering in Toronto

We also provide staff to help serve at your events, who also set up and clean up. are a big deal in any size business. Impress stakeholders with exceptional Toronto catering services from the Big City Catering team. 

Learn more about catering your next annual general meeting below.

Enhance Engagement

It’s not unusual for employees and other stakeholders to become engaged as the meetings play out. Daily office caterers in Toronto can help kickstart your meeting with nutritious and tasty breakfast options that improve energy levels. Studies show that individuals are more likely to focus and be engaged when they’ve started the day with breakfast. Sharing that your event will be catered with tasty food will also enable a welcoming atmosphere that shows everyone involved in your organization that you care about the well-being and comfort of your employees.  

With Toronto catering, it can help to enhance the employee experience. Not only in the meeting but every day, individuals are shown to be more focused and engaged when they are well-fed and full of energy. Providing a welcoming atmosphere shows that, as a company, you care about the well-being and comfort of your employees. 

Networking Opportunities

Creating a positive and welcoming environment for your employees, especially new ones, to have an opportunity to make connections and grow personal relationships with co-workers. Designated meal times encourages attendees to talk and mingle, engineering teamwork and connection among your company, where everyone can voice concerns or ideas to the company, driving for improvements. 

Brand Awareness and Boosting Morale

Choosing the right catering company and menu can say a lot about a company and their brand image. For example, a company catering chicken fingers and fries can project a different image than one catering salads, fish and desserts. It shows that the company cares about what they are feeding their employees; instead of stuffing them, they fuel the staff with healthy and balanced meals. By doing so, the company is striving to boost the overall morale. Leading caterers in Toronto are an excellent opportunity for this as individuals often miss breakfast rushing to work, which also slows down their day, which can eventually impact the quality of work they produce. 

Consideration of Dietary Requirements

With daily office catering with the same catering company, like Big City Catering, you become familiar with employee dietary requirements. Menus can be adjusted to cater to everyone’s needs, from nut-free to kosher. These adjustments show that the company has its employees’ well-being and best interests at heart. 

Big City Catering For Your Next Event

For over 15 years, we have put all our efforts into providing our clients with the best food and care. At Big City Catering, we strive to always give back to the community and environment by working sustainably and helping non-profit organizations. Whether you want to cater a personal event or a big corporate event like an AGM, do not hesitate to contact us at Big City Catering.

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