What Are Event Factors That May Impact Catering?

When planning special events, like weddings or corporate events, catering services in Toronto are often pivotal elements that can either make or break your event. Many judge events based on the menu provided, as it’s typically the central focus for guests. Catering services in Toronto vary in style and functionality based on events, as guest numbers fluctuate and dietary requirements differ from party to party. At Big City Catering, our team of experienced caterers can accommodate any changes and adjustments needed to create an unforgettable guest experience. From office catering to backyard barbeque events, our staff are trained to work with any challenges that arise. 

Learn more about what can affect the catering at your event below.

Number of Guests

An accurate number of how many guests are attending your event is crucial in the world of catering services in Toronto. Especially if you choose to do a plated dining style. Chefs create individual dishes for each guest. Therefore, the guest count is essential. This ensures correct portion sizes, food costs, and minimal food waste. This factor also affects how many serving staff your event needs and tableware. For instance, for wedding receptions, you want all tables to be full to provide the best experience possible for guests, because empty seats will create a less engaging experience. Frequently, having smaller gatherings in smaller areas makes more sense, condensing to fewer tables to still have a lively atmosphere. 

Allergies and Dietary Needs

When planning, it is crucial to be aware of your guests’ allergies or dietary restrictions well in advance. This is to ensure that everyone is having an enjoyable experience. What many people do, especially with weddings, is that the hosts or planner will provide a space on RSVPs to inform them of any allergies and such. This will allow the chefs to adjust the menus or plan a separate menu for those who need alternative menus. 

For both buffet style and plated dining style, this knowledge can be beneficial: 

  • Buffet style: allows preparation to have correct labels with the allergens in certain dishes
  • Plated Dinner: enables flexibility in curating dishes that accommodate dietary restrictions.

When seeking office catering services, you can send a survey asking for allergies or dietary restrictions. Or simply go around the office and ask. This way, every guest has an inclusive experience.

Type or Purpose of Event

Depending on the type of event, different styles can accommodate certain events better than others. For example, if it’s a small family gathering, it may be easier to serve the food family style, where everyone is seated at a big table together. Another example is if it’s breakfast catering for the office, it makes the most sense to provide drop-off catering. This gives your employees a hardy meal to start the day and allows them to get to work. 

Event Venue

The venue of your special event  impacts the way the food is prepared. If the venue does not have a kitchen, catering companies will have to prepare food beforehand. At Big City Catering, our central kitchen is located in the heart of downtown Toronto where we can serve various venues and locations around the GTA. You can also choose barbecue catering, where chefs can set up on-site and serve the food right off the grill. This style is great for office parties or backyard events. 

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