Tips for Planning a Fall Corporate Event with Toronto Catering

With fall just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to get your event planning mind to work. Fall is one of the best seasons for corporate catering in Toronto , with an array of possibilities for team-bonding events. The holidays scattered throughout the fall months alone give the opportunity to throw parties and events. With Big City Catering, elevate your corporate events to the next level. We provide catering in Toronto and around the GTA and are driven by customer satisfaction, creating an unforgettable experience for all your guests.

Learn tips on planning your fall corporate events below.

The Best Themes are in the Fall

Fall is a time for celebration and absorbing all the colours in nature. As companies slow down during the fall months, it provides a time to focus on building employee morale. Take advantage of the holidays celebrated in the fall months to spice up your parties even more. 

  • Halloween: Halloween is a great time to explore your employees’ fun side, creating personal connections. You can stretch out the celebration for all of October, leading up to the actual holiday, by putting up decorations. On the real holiday, make an event out of it with catering Toronto and costume contests. 
  • Thanksgiving: Catering a Thanksgiving event for your company can create a family-like atmosphere. With a smaller company, set it up as a family-style meal, with everyone around one table, or for a bigger company, create a casual buffet style and a casual atmosphere for your employees to develop personal connections with their peers. 
  • Holiday Parties: As everyone celebrates different holidays towards the end of the year, create a neutral holiday celebration to stay inclusive to everyone in your company. 

Corporate catering in Toronto provides an array of menus to fit everyone’s dietary needs. 

Fall Activities

The fall season is full of fun activities, both in and outdoors. From pumpkin patches to apple picking, create an adventure for your employees to enjoy together. Excursions are great for getting to know one another on a deeper level outside the workplace. Scavenger hunts are also a great team-building activity by grouping them in teams to put their minds together in a fun, light-hearted environment. This will promote teamwork and communication in the workplace, providing you and the company a better outcome. After you’re done with your activity, you can treat your team to a delicious meal that furthers connection with corporate catering in Toronto.

Promote Employee Engagement

Planning fall events in the Autumn with catering in Toronto  are a great way to promote employee engagement. By fostering engagement, you are creating a safe environment for employees to voice their opinions, which can often be helpful to the company. Holding these events can show employees a level of empathy in the workplace, enhancing loyalty and engagement. 

Plan Your Next Event with Big City Catering

Big City Catering has been catering events throughout the GTA for over 20 years. Our staff is dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience with high-quality food and better service. With our vast range of menus to choose from, we will cater for any event you need. We adjust our menus to fit any dietary requirements, from vegan to nut-free to kosher. Contact us today to start planning your next fall event. 

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