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Office Talent Retention & Workplace Catering

The market has a significant talent shortage, and employers are trying to get creative to attract and retain employees. It is challenging if a job requires the team to be onsite after a significant shift to remote work. If you are an employer who needs their team to be onsite, consider office catering in Toronto as an employer perk to help with recruitment and retention.

Regular corporate catering in Toronto is a sought-after benefit for job seekers who have long commutes, dealing with the high cost of living, and have the choice to pick who they want to work for. Big City Catering has been offering corporate catering to teams of all sizes in Toronto and providing delicious menus for employers to choose from.

Read on to learn how offering daily lunch or breakfast can help your recruitment efforts.

Benefits of Regular Office Catering in Toronto

Toronto is a vast city, with people sometimes commuting 1-2 hours daily to work. Working in a large urban center like Toronto is challenging for work-life balance, so it will be noticed when you have an employer trying to make it easier for employees by removing the prep and cost of packing a lunch.

Office Catering in Toronto delivers convenience to your team and gives them something to look forward to. Helping your team save time on errands by providing lunch, breakfast, or brunch catering enforces a happy workforce with greater productivity. 

Higher Cost of Living

The higher cost of living impacts people’s budgets as they struggle to pay for necessities. Offering an employer-provided lunch prepared with high-quality ingredients and prepared by seasoned chefs is a little luxury that wouldn’t go unnoticed. Indulging your team will boost morale and show an appreciation for their hard work. It’s an excellent incentive that can be marketed by your recruitment team on your company’s website, job posting, and on any recruitment collateral. 

Leveraging corporate catering in Toronto to support your team and your recruitment activities will impact your business and help attract and retain the employees you need to succeed. 

Cost-Effective Catering Services

Employers might fear the cost of quality catering. Still, the reality is that some trusted popular caters, like Big City Catering, make the food in-house from scratch and offer cost-effective catering.

As it stands, employer-provided perks matter for the younger generation of job seekers, so providing quality perks that will be enjoyed and attractive is essential to get them to apply. Generation Z has been shown to highly value employee perks, so a catered lunch would be a perk enjoyed by all segments of the employee population.

Big City Catering for Daily Office Catering

Big City Catering is a renowned catering company that is known to provide delicious food without exception. We provide excellent service and ensure client satisfaction at all levels. We have a passion for food and have been creating decadent food for over 15 years. 

At Big City Catering, we strive for sustainable practices whenever possible and select local and organic foods to support our local farms and businesses. 

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