How to Go Beyond the Expected with Office Catering Toronto

Office catering in Toronto is a great way to power your team, keeping them feeling productive and happy from day to day. With Big City Catering, you can elevate your office meal experience. Our array of menus for office catering in Toronto includes an indulgent selection of fresh foods with beautiful presentations, perfect for an employee birthday, a team-building event, a big meeting, or just any other day at the office. Big City Catering is a leading caterer in Toronto that serves up creative salads, mouth-watering dishes, delicious fresh sandwiches, and exquisite desserts that are on par with a high dining experience. 

Read on to learn how to go beyond expectations with office catering in Toronto. 

Indulgent Office Catering in Toronto

One way to offer your employees a truly memorable experience is to look at a group lunch or meal as an opportunity to thank the team for going above and beyond. Office catering in Toronto does not have to be conventional. When working with the caterers at Big City Catering, you can bring a 5-star experience to your office. Skip the basic salads and offer something rich and creative, like a colorful couscous salad. Instead of treating the occasion as a basic lunch or breakfast, make it a dining experience worthy of a celebration. 

Offer Indulgent Desserts

Then for dessert, you can offer freshly prepared cakes from scratch that are often reserved when hosting a special event or beautifully crafted individualized desserts. When using catering in Toronto, you can create a feast for the eyes and appetites that will be a welcomed and delightful surprise. 

Offer Unexpected Beverages

While coffee and tea are standard beverage options for office events, with Big City Catering in Toronto, you can experiment with signature cocktails, mocktails, fresh juices, or even sparkling waters to level up your meal. Adding more beverage options will elevate your meal experience, impressing your guests or team with the choice to go beyond the traditional soft drink. 

Entertainment and Decor

Sometimes, you can have a live quartet or musician come and perform some excellent music to set the ambiance and transform your office into an actual venue. If bringing in live musicians doesn’t work, you can play some classical music to contribute to a truly refined atmosphere. 

Flower arrangements can decorate your lunch space or where the food is being served; a few fresh lilies in small vases or something similar can be a relatively inexpensive detail that adds a lot of charm.

This would be a special event for no memorable holiday, just a simple thank you. Your team will be joyfully brimming with these thoughtful gestures accompanying a wonderful meal. 

Affordable Daily Office Catering in Toronto

It might seem impossible to provide such an exquisite office brunch or lunch at an affordable price; however, if you go a little above and beyond unexpectedly once a year, primarily if your team has worked hard and beat their targets, then it’s manageable. 

With Big City Catering, you can offer your team a high-level experience with an exquisite office brunch, lunch, or event catering in Toronto at an affordable price. Our team of expert caterers offers high-quality menu options using fresh ingredients. 

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