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Drop-off Catering

Indulge in Easy, Convenient & Delicious Meal Options with Drop-Off Catering in Toronto

Get reliable food service packaged hot and ready for consumption. Whether you’re on-site, scheduling a meeting with important guests, or hosting an intimate gathering, you can get delicious catering options that dazzle the taste buds and satisfy hunger. Save yourself the time and stress of coordinating meals and delivery. Choose Big City Catering in Toronto and the surrounding area to maximize your convenience.

With Drop Off Catering, we’ll bring gourmet meals directly to your door.

Individualize Your Meals

From allergies and food preferences to diets and restrictions, everyone has differing tastes. At Big City Catering, we offer a range of menu items with something for everyone. Choose from various protein options, salads, carbs, sides, and desserts to curate the perfect meals.

We will accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies with meal options for vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, and more. If you have a dietary preference or food allergy concern, reach out to our team, and we’ll help you customize the best menu for your guests.

Benefits of Drop-Off Catering

Don’t need a full-service staff? Skip the formalities of service and dig in with simple drop-off catering in Toronto. Place your order, and our team of prompt and professional caterers in Toronto will deliver carefully packaged meals right to your door and right on time, helping you set up if requested, then leaving you to enjoy.

Get casual service and top-tier food with Big City Catering.

Event Catering: Drop-off catering is a convenient option for casual events such as birthday parties, graduation celebrations, luncheons, and other special celebrations that encourage socializing. If there is no rigid formalities or program for your event, drop-off catering gives your guest the freedom to eat when they’re hungry and the ease of serving themselves. Our team of catering professionals will help you set up a beautiful display and label menu options, but for the rest of the event, we will stay out of your way, so you can run your event as you see fit.

Office Catering: Keep morale up on busy work days with office catering for team meetings, events, birthdays, or just because. Drop-off catering at the workplace gives employees the flexibility to take a break and grab some lunch at a time that is most aligned with their schedule, minimizing disruptions to productivity. At Big City Catering, we offer many exciting and nutritious office catering options, including breakfast and brunch catering, lunch catering, corporate sandwich platters, and more, so you can treat your team and yourself.

Drop Off Catering with Big City Catering

Big City Catering is a leading catering company in Toronto with 15 years of experience, state-of-the-art kitchens and equipment, and highly-trained and talented staff. We are committed to delivering the best service to make each of your events, big or small, a success. Our goal is to create memorable menus for everything from office lunches to your most significant parties and celebrations.

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