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Celebrate Fall in Style This Year with Event Catering

If you’re like many, you can’t get enough of this season with the leaves changing colour and the harvesting of fresh vegetables. The temperatures have started to cool down and you can see signs of pumpkins starting to emerge. If you’re planning a celebration during the fall season, use professional event catering to bring the fresh food directly to your guests’ tables. Enjoy the perfect autumn feast with family, friends, co-workers and special guests by incorporating a fantastic menu with great decor. Here are some helpful menu suggestions and interesting decorations that you can add to provide a calming autumn […]

October 19, 2022

Have an Event in Toronto or GTA? Find out Why you Need a Caterer by your side!

When your event necessitates catering in Toronto or catering in GTA, there are a plethora of reasons why you should choose Big City Catering when hosting your next event. Thinking of tackling the job on your own to save some money? Taking care of food for large groups or even a small one can often be unclear and trying. Find out why you should choose Big City Catering Toronto for your next event and why you shouldn’t consider tackling it on your own. Some of the reasons why you should avoid handling food preparation on your own are: You are […]

October 13, 2022

The Drawbacks and Pitfalls of DIY Food Catering for Events

If you have an event that’s coming up in the near future you may be considering catering the event yourself. You have the choice of hiring a professional caterer or handling everything on your own. You may be considering the cost involved or may just feel that you like to cook and will be able to handle everything on your own. This may be fine if you’re only having a few friends over but once you have a larger group in mind, it’s always best to stick with professional food catering for events and these are the reasons why. It’s […]

May 12, 2022

Best Tips for Outdoor Catering for Family Gatherings

If you’re going to be hosting an outdoor event with family and friends in the GTA, Pickering or Ajax area, here are some tips you can use to make sure that everything goes according to plan. You’ll want to ensure that you host a flawless event that will be memorable for everyone that attends. Here are some of our best tips for outdoor catering for family gatherings that you can keep in mind when a family event is scheduled to take place soon. Finger Food Are Always a Hit One of the best ways to welcome guests to your outdoor […]

May 11, 2022

The Purpose of Catering Toronto

Organizing and planning an event can be a complicated and tedious job since there are a number of different aspects involved with it that need attention. One of the major components of an event is the food served so it’s vital to find a catering Toronto company that you can trust with this important task. Why Is Catering so Important? Catering is a vital part of a gathering since the food you serve can make or break the event. When you decide to assemble either a large group or small group of people you are putting your reputation on the […]

February 23, 2022

How to Choose the Best Catering Toronto for Your Event

No matter what the event may be, it’s always important to have a great catering Toronto company by your side. This is the best way to ensure that your guests are well-fed and satisfied with the meal. Food is usually one of the biggest aspects of an event, for many guests at least, so it’s your job to make it unforgettable. It all starts with choosing the best catering company to make sure that everyone is happy. Here are some tips to help you find a great catering Toronto business to fit your needs: Catering Specialties Each caterer features its […]

January 24, 2022

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