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Celebrate Mother's Day at Work with Brunch Catering

Mother's Day is a special occasion to show appreciation for the wonderful mothers in our lives. While most of us celebrate this day at home with our families, it's also an excellent opportunity to honour the hardworking moms in our workplace. Professional breakfast catering in Toronto is a great way to throw a memorable Mother’s Day Brunch at the office.
11 May 2023

How Breakfast Catering Affects Employee Engagement

Catering services in Toronto are used by businesses to encourage employee engagement and build team morale. Since casual conversation between employees often occurs first thing in the morning, right before everyone gets on with their work day, breakfast office catering is a fun and effective way to support connectivity among teams while not disrupting productivity during the day. High-quality...
25 April 2023

Best Breakfast Catering Options for Early Morning Meetings

Early mornings at the office often prove to be a challenge for many. With later nights and busy lifestyles, many people show up to the office on an empty stomach, holding off on their first meal until lunch or later. When meals are skipped, it can be challenging for team members to get momentum with their work. Often feelings of exhaustion and lethargy can beat out productivity. Breakfast office...
29 March 2023

The Effect of Treating Your Team to Office Catering in Toronto

As a business owner or employer, there are many tasks you must do as part of your role. From providing a safe workplace to promoting inclusivity, there are many things to consider when working to be a great employer. Besides leading, encouraging, and helping the team to the best of your abilities, there are always improvements to be made to enhance employee appreciation, morale, ethics,...
10 February 2023

Why Kick Start Your Days with Office Breakfast Catering

Breakfast is the most important time of the day. It affects how you feel and how you move through your day. By the time people roll out of bed and make it to the office, most have skipped breakfast and jumped right into their work. In fact, about 25% of Canadians regularly miss their first meal of the day, and many skip subsequent meals too. Office breakfast catering in Toronto is a great way to...
16 October 2022

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